Invade the Ruins


That small group RPG experience is the holy grail to a lot of us.  Some of us first got hooked playing Dungeons & Dragons.  Maybe you remember swapping Final Fantasy secrets in the cafeteria.  If you stayed up late pushing your Diablo 2 characters through the upper difficulties, you’ll get roped into Invade the Ruins.  And once you’ve played it once, you’ll get the codes for the extra hard difficulty modes.

A lot of people have the same experience with Warcraft 3:  played some of the campaign, maybe played a few ladder games or tried DOTA.  You might not have WC3 on your machine right now.  Time to visit things again.  Invade the Ruins is the perfect LAN party game or a fun way to hang out with your old Ladder buddies.  Get ‘em to re-install Warcraft 3 with you. You’ll need the help.

What you should know

Best New Features:

  1. 1.Hidden bonuses and events unique to each hero

  2. 2.Massively overhauled item garden with hilarious results

  3. 3.Strong hero survival spells and skills to match up against fiercer foes

The Warcraft 3 RPG that Delivers

This isn’t DOTA or a Hero Arena or a Tower Defense.  Invade the Ruins has all the stuff you’re used to: unique and mighty heroes, loot worth scrambling for, foes that will kick your ass if you don’t stick together.

What’s different? Invade the Ruins doesn’t build you up only to gib you on some lame boss at level 100.  The world isn’t just a series of monster-laden bowling alleys.  The loot isn’t RocketbootsX+25. 

Regular on Host it tonight.

Love Action RPGs?  Re-Install Warcraft 3

Seems like every RPG out there thinks big.  Trouble is, most of them don’t know that making a sprawling adventure requires huge development and testing. Invade the Ruins has been developed since Frozen Throne came out and, thanks to over a quarter of a million downloads since its original release, has had some time to sit things over and think hard about “things”.

Even retail party-based RPGs have hiccups where the miniboss flattens the party or where that epic story battle crumbles in the wind.  Invade the Ruins is two distilled hours of smooth action with a crisp bite.

Now with awesome new and overhauled Hero spells.  And if you don’t like it, head over to the brand-fresh-special forums to tell me what sucks!  Download Now.

(NEW!) Update 2 Beta available!